The Special Phrases that made me an IT Professional

The Special Phrases that made me an IT Professional
IT Professional life is hard. It has been a roller coaster ride till now : new experiences, awesome moments, amazing people and continuous learning.

While most of my posts blurt out my ramblings on spirituality and meaning of life. This time I tried to explore on the enhancement in my vocabulary only due to my experience as an IT professional. :)

The list is endless. I would love to hear your side of the story too !

Ball park : We all know that it has nothing to do with any ball or park. The first time I heard it, I was wondering how from a serious discussion on estimates, people talked about the terms that made one beam like a child. When I came to know about the real meaning, I smiled and giggled almost like a child.

Come again : The first time I heard it, I was beaming with joy as I thought the person was inviting me to visit their state. As a person who absolutely loves traveling, I was loss at words when I came to know that it was my low voice that prompted him to utter this :P :D

Touch base : Can you please touch base with him? The first time I heard it, I was perplexed. The only base I knew existed in chemical labs and triangles. Now that I know the meaning of it, I still can’t help imagine me touching the base of a triangle.

Consolidate : As a kid, when I first spelt this word, there was a fairy which came to me and whispered to me in my ears, “You are going to use this word infinite times in your life ahead.” How true! :D

Offline : We will discuss it offline. I am still not sure how do we manage to have such discussions on Sametime? :D

OOO : I was OOO. The first time someone wrote it on sametime, I imagined that they were reminding me of the tiger’s paw. I sometimes laugh at my folly.

Right? : I am not completely sure whether its only me but I have witnessed a lot of my peers, seniors and budding juniors use this after each line during a presentation. I love the nodding heads which take place after it.

Check with him/her? : Here’s a secret. Everytime I hear it, I feel like an undercover agent who is going to undertake a secret mission. And I feel terrific.

NP : Thank you -> NP. Sorry-> NP. I was unwell->NP. I am not sure about this->NP. Can you think of other scenarios? :D

Not an issue : This is a distant cousin of NP. I wonder what would happen if our politicians started using this phrase often. #NotAnIssue

PFA : I thought that the sender was trying to cheer me up on a gloomy day with “Please Feel Amazing.” Alas it was about the attachment, not the humane one though ! :P

OK Sure : Not sure how many times I have used that :D
Dependency : In an independent nation, in an independent IT Firm, this term has a whole new context.
Here’s to the bitter sweet life in the IT world. We may be disappointed at times, we might be frustrated but no matter what we ultimately reverse engineer the problem and find the optimal solution to any problem under the sun.

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