Hotel Sagarika In Diamond Harbour | Sagarika Tourist Lodge In Diamond Harbour

Hotel Sagarika In Diamond Harbour | Sagarika Tourist Lodge In Diamond Harbour

Sagarika Tourist Lodge is the most famous,cost effective & good hotel in Diamond Harbour. The main attraction of  Sagarika Tourist Lodge is it’s location.  Sagarika Tourist Lodge is placed just opposite of the Diamond Harbour riverside & NH37.

Sagarika Tourist Lodge is a hotel operated & maintained by Government Of West Bengal.Room rent in Sagarika Tourist Lodge starts from Rs 300. You can book river facing room for Rs 400( 1st Floor) & Rs 700(2nd Floor).

Phone Number Of Sagarika In Diamond Harbour (West Bengal):

  • Call (03174)-55246/ (03174)-55262

Specification & Features Of Hotel Sagarika In Diamond Harbour:

  • Room in Hotel Sagarika is good & clean.
  • Bathroom in Hotel Sagarika is excellent.
  • Room service in Hotel Sagarika is best.
  • Hotel Sagarika have own bar & provide liquor at room also.
  • Food in Hotel Sagarika is really over priced.
  • Please carry cash as credit card/debit card payment option remain down.
  • 2nd Floor River facing rooms are excellent

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  25. Debasish sarkar Says:

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