TCS Promotion Process – TCS Promotion For ITA – Complete Review

TCS Promotion Process – Complete Review

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Tata Consultancy Services is currently the market leader of IT industry. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has a defined guideline for promotion eligibility. As discussed with the senior TCS associates, we come to know the details of promotion eligibility.

TCS Promotion Process:

Your appraiser should initiate your promotion
This should be approved by reviewer & HR
Then the promotion should be reviewed by Unit HR/IOU owner
Once approved, employee will get the promotion letter on the night of the TCS quarter result is announced


Important Information Regarding TCS Promotion:

Employees ranked ‘D’ in the Latest appraisal cycle: No promotions may be considered in that year. This is applicable to
Employees ranked ‘A’ since DOJ, total relevant experience is minimum of 3 years.
Employees Ranked ‘A/B/C’ since DOJ, Total relevant experience required in minimum of 4 years.
For meeting the TCS promotion eligibility, ‘Minimum Years in Grade’ AND ‘Total Relevant Experience’ should be fulfilled.

Supervisor has to believe that there is a defined and clear rise in role and responsibilities for your

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