Toilet in Volvo Bus in India | Ladies Toilet in Royal Cruiser Bus in India |Toilet facility in Luxury AC Bus in India

Toilet in Volvo Bus in India | Ladies Toilet in Royal Cruiser Bus in India |Toilet facility in Luxury AC Bus in India
Now long distance bus service is popular in India since train tickets booking is mostly not
available. Many Student,boys,girls travel in long distance bus.Lack of Toilet Facility is the big problem in Indian Bus.Though long distance bus stop in Dhaba. Still for night Bus journey in India,girls are not safe in using Dhaba ladies toilet.

Toilet in Indian Bus - Toilet in Royal Cruizer Volvo Bus in India

But now few buses come with Toilet facility in Bus. All passanger can access toilet in Bus.

Bus in India Having Toilet Facility:

  • Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation’s Airavat Bliss or Airavat Superia buses have Toilet
  • Baruipur Digha AC Bus have Toilet
  • Bangalore-Tirupati AC buses have Toilet
  • Airavat Bliss Bus has Bio Toilet

Why Toilet in Bus is Necessary:

  • Senior citizens those suffering from diabetes is mostly needed Toilet in Bus
  • People having enlarged prostrates need toilet facility in Bus
  • Girls/Ladies passanger need toilet in Bus

Issue With Toilet In Indian Bus:

  • Issue is with the people mindset. People are not interest is using Toilet in Bus.
  • Toilet in Indian Bus mostly not clean
  • People in Indian doesn’t want to pay money for using Toilet
  • Bus with Toilet facility need extra person for cleaning & exposing off the waste. It caused extra

13 Responses to “Toilet in Volvo Bus in India | Ladies Toilet in Royal Cruiser Bus in India |Toilet facility in Luxury AC Bus in India”

  1. Amrita Paul Says:

    Toilet is required in bus. But in west bengal no where it is available.

  2. Suparna bal Says:

    Woman & Ladies are mostly required toilet in bus. So Ladies can pee during emergency.

  3. Shalini Mohanraj Says:

    What is the condition of Bus stop Ladies toilet in Punjab ?

  4. Kavitha Prahlad Says:

    why ladies charged for pee in ladies toilet in bus stop or rail station in India?

  5. Kavitha Prahlad Says:

    Most of the Indian Ladies toilet for bus stop is dirty. Women/girls may have possibility get infected with Urinal Tract Infection. So beware while using ladies public toilet in India

  6. Shroddha Chakraborty Says:

    It is really issue to pee in Roadside Dhaba while Traveling in India. Dirty toilet will vanish the travel enjoy for sure.

  7. Nandini Poddar Says:

    Can I get list of Bus having urine/toilet facility in India while booking online through Paytm/RedBus/MakeMytrip ?

  8. Reshmi Dey Says:

    Any ladies toilet must be clean. Clean Loo in Indian specially for girls is dream. Lots of chance for ladies to get infected while using Ladies toilet

  9. Neha Das Says:

    how to book royal travels bus having toilet facility

  10. Sudipta Says:

    is night buses to digha safe for girls

  11. Ritka Gupta Says:

    Is not good for indian girl pee in night coach bus when bus stop

  12. Priya Says:

    does karnataka government bus with toilet

  13. shalini Says:

    most of the toilet in bus remain locked over the journey. Bus passenger can’t able to use bus toilet

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