Why You Should Join TCS? WHy Working in TCS – TCS Employee Benefits

Why You Should Join TCS? WHy Working in TCS – TCS Employee Benefits

TCS is currently the IT leader in India. Working in TCS is the pride for you & your family. If you are a freshers & wat to jojn TCS, you should know why TCS is the best IT company in India.

TCS employee working in TCS shares his experience. You can understand the value & great working experience in TCS.

Three words – TCS & High Attrition & we have all seen/heard/read about the aftermath of these three words in the same sentence – the questions, the articles, the brainstorming, the worrying, the planning, the counter measures!! Over the course of this week I have had to explain to my dad, my brother’ friend (a random person on FB) & a few other folks not related to TCS as to why TCS’ attrition is at an all-time high.

While it is extremely important for HR folks (like yours truly), leaders (like most of you might be or preparing to be) to ask the relevant questions and to ensure that all efforts are made towards retention, it is also equally important for each of us to focus on and to evaluate those
reasons why we, as individuals, actually have decided to say with the organization. Why TCS? Why am I still here?

I, for one, joined the organization as a very young (I am still relatively young) & extremely naïve (moderately naïve now), idealistic (continue to be) Ms. Know-it-all (ahem!! not changed a bit). I wanted to work somewhere; anywhere would have been fine, for a couple of years and then go abroad to study. This was what everyone did and that is what I wanted to do too. I joined TCS because the office that I was required to work from was about 10 mins away from my house – I am not joking at all or trying to be funny. My only aim was to be able to work, reach home and eat and sleep and traveling in the Chennai traffic for hours was really counterproductive to this amazing goal I had.

TCS has been a great journey for me. In the course of the last 11 years I have worked in three different geographies & played so many different roles that I occasionally urge RMG to pick me as their poster girl for career growth (I have always wanted to have my face up there on a
billboard). I have worked in Delivery (operations) and in Human Resources & my learning has been immense. I have had the good fortune of having bosses who have and continue to guide me on the path in which I would be most successful, most challenged and most engaged – even when I resist, even when I whine and even when I complain & most importantly even when I blunder and make mistakes. I have made friends who have remained my biggest strength over the years, who protect, guide and scold me on to the right path when I turn into this crazy Godzilla-grumpy grouch due to stress and pressure. But most of all I continue with the organization because I belong here, because I feel at home. Even if I do leave this organization, this would remain the place that I grew up in. A place which shaped me into the person I am today.

In all these years, I have never, ever, ever considered leaving TCS – that is a blatant lie of course. I have thought of leaving many, many times, but it’s always been a passing phase & I have always managed to come to terms with the fact that I love this organization & I have stumbled and
staggered and managed to find my footing again. Considering that I joined the organization for an almost trivial reason (I mean, if any of you were to interview me you would have rejected me for sure!), I am a staunch believer of the fact that while the reasons for joining an organization are extremely important, the reason why you continue to stay with the same organization is perhaps of even more importance.
What are your reasons for remaining with TCS? Why have you spent the last 6 months or the last 26 years with the organization? Why do you wake up every single day (almost) and drag yourself to your workplace? Let us remember these reasons, let us share & celebrate together.


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  1. Shiv Shankar Says:

    Well said.. I do agree with your view for being in TCS !!!

  2. Subramaniam M V Says:

    Well, first its quiet a large organization to learn everything in short term, huge opportunities for everyone to take up and run. What TCS provides us is a platform, a Platform if you approach with positive frame of mind you can use it for achieving your dreams. Starting from an associate who can contribute for ensuring prompt accounting of a customer to what ever level you are there is ample space for you to feel the sense of achievement. As long as you have the drive to accomplish something value add you have ample space to do that. That´s what keeps me going in TCS.

  3. Seetharam G Says:

    We also feel a Proud TCSer. To some extent I agree that some people decide to leave the company not because of the company but because of their supervisors, which could be one of the reasons for leaving organizations. In that way I consider myself fortunate enough to have been supported by some of the great leaders in this organization for the past 11 years and would like to Thank them right from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Shabudeen G S Says:

    I joined in 2008 and its been 7 years now with TCS. At the time of recession in 2008 there were no opportunities for the BE freshers, even if there was a global slowdown TCS continued to hire candidates and I got an opportunity in BPO at that time where I accepted it and had an aspiration to switch over to technology in the future, later it happened sometime back after delivering good results and getting good reputation within TCS and with customers as well, everyday will be challenging for me to achieve this level as this is also one reason for me to stay with this organization. Now I am focusing on technologies and want to continue my work by visiting different geographies in the future after delivering good results in my new role. The aspiration makes me to stay with TCS as this organization gives us opportunities as what we like but the only thing is that we should have some patience level.

  5. Sayantan Datta Says:

    Completely agree to the last word of the post… but is it not the time that tcs should change the way it had approached employee in 2000’s era ? Its 2015 but employee still face the humiliation in certain projects due to bad management and the hr people have no scope of saying anything as the management is too strong…we cant do anything but live on tcs as the technology we work on has no other MNCs running the same technology project.
    Then there is home sickness and home barrier due to which we cannot relocate to other parts of the country with more than the opportunity than tcs right now provides.
    TCS is one of the best place to work in but its time to change the system with new thots otherwise it will pull it down from its own place where it is currently now… based on my experiance in KOLKATA TCS.

  6. Ravi Sharma Says:

    TCS is one of the finest IT organization and one thing that makes the difference is its values….I hope TCS will always stick to its values that is the biggest power of it.

  7. Sai Vineet Mohan Sinha Says:

    I joined TCS on 17th March, 2010. My first and foremost reason is — TCS brought me to my native and hometown [Lucknow]. I was in Bhubaneswar earlier. Then, I opted for a Transfer on personal grounds. This was done sans any hassles or hiccups. Unfortunately or Fortunately – TCS is the only recognized IT – Company in Lucknow. I am thankful and grateful for all those who helped me in this regard. Therefore, it was homecoming for me at TCS – Lucknow. And it is not that, over the years the thought of “switching” did not cross my mind. But then just, I decided to stay on!

    Secondly — TCS allows me to grow and learn personally and professionally without anything being thrust or forced upon. I decide and plan my Certifications well in advance. I am constantly made aware of the various Learning – Sessions, Training being conducted be at Branch or DC Level, Organization Level or ISU Level. Some are in Virtual Mode or Some are in Classroom Mode.

    That said, I also feel at home on Knome. Here I get to interact, communicate and also learn right from Technology, Domain, Business, Process, and other Miscellaneous Artifacts/ Musings/Thoughts/Pondering. And they are Vice Presidents, ISU Heads, HR Heads, Domain Consultants, Renowned Authors and also ASE – Trainees, BPO Employees. I am able to interact with Such a varied and distinguished diaspora of intellectual and brilliant minds. I do not think, this platform can be replicated in any other organization, even if they try their level best.

  8. Ashish Tiwari Says:

    TCS is such a big organization, you will definitely find a right place.

  9. Mitra Samal Says:

    I just completed 8 years last week and could very much relate to your post. It brought back both good and tough memories but the urge to go on

  10. Amrita Pawar Says:

    I have almost completed 10 years in this organization with good and bad experiences… But I must say that this organization has given me opportunity to grow in form or the other.. I would say from my experience only if you stay at 1 place for long that you can learn a lot, get opportunities at different stages and grow to different heights… I think Gen-Y generation should have that patience too which they lack currently

  11. Gagan Deep Bhatia Says:

    It remember when i joined TCS , I was very happy and I still feel the same today as well. Only thing that motivates me closer to office is working with so many people ata a same time and with altogether different personality. I have never been in bench for 4.5 years in TCS and it was quite motivating however now I am on bench and I am not at all motivated to work with TCS. Hard fact.

  12. Loganathan Murugesan Says:

    The only reasons why I stay – 1) Freedom. I understand my meaning for the word freedom. It is derived from 2) the sense of belonging that the organization has given me all the time in last 6.5 years. It gave me that when I was only a trainee and it still gives me that. I think the organization at large gives that to every associate. Few are able to pick that up. Few often miss that in self obsession. I could be wrong as well.

    I see a lot of negativity when people talk about management and leadership. Certain things are looked at as birth right for having spent certain time in the organization. It need not be so. People so often fail to get the big picture, fail to understand the ideal way any business/organization works. People fail to see the many stakeholders that are involved. There is so much of conspiracy in trying to establish the world so cruel. I don’t believe the whole of this world is so cruel. It can not be so. When an individual fails, he/she tries to do the easiest thing – blame the organization/management. Instead, pull up. One can not hold the attitude of I WIN and I don’t care about the rest of the world. Time stakeholders learn WIN-WIN.

    I’m not trying to argue that the organization is 100% perfect and it is the people who have got problems. All of the stakeholders have a fair share. But I can not point fingers at the rest of the world and be myself without contributing. For there are so many fingers pointing at me. The organization evolves which includes me. I should also evolve. Things don’t happen overnight. Our CEO did not become CEO overnight. How well we are baked, processed takes us to where we ought to go. So I believe the change begins from within. I can keep preparing, let my leadership know my aspiration, ask for guidance, mentoring. It will certainly take me where I want to. Again things don’t happen overnight.

    The 3rd reason for me to stay is – I believe this organization has the right set of processes that will guide me to that opportunity that I aspire.

  13. Dyson Says:

    I was always interested in joining Tata Group company. L ENVIRONMENT of TCS and i will manage to fetch out the best of mine while working with you all.

  14. pallavi Says:

    what are the benefits fresher in tcs gets

  15. Ranga Says:

    what are the top 3 reasons you joined tcs

  16. Venu Gopal Says:

    What is the 10 reasons why people fell proud to be in TCS

  17. Snehasish Lakshman Says:

    What’s are the tcs bpo employee benefits

  18. Rajib Das Says:

    what are the some facilities provided by tcs to their employees

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